If we wish to discuss the Shi`as without fanaticism or affectation, we would say that they are the adherents of the Islamic School of Thought which respects and follows the twelve Imams from the family (Ahl al-Bayt) of the Prophet. They are Ali and eleven of his offspring. The Shi`as refer to the Prophet and the Twelve Imams regarding all fiqh (jurisprudence) issues and public dealings. They do not prefer anyone over the Twelve Imams with the exception of their grandfather, the bearer of the Message, Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah. This is briefly the true definition of the Shi`as. Disregard the allegations circulated by scandal mongers and fanatics who claim that the Shi`as are the enemies of Islam, that they believe in the “prophethood” of Ali, and that he is the one who bears the prophetic Message, or that they belong to Abdullah ibn Saba, the Jew, and that they are this and that…

 (The Shi’ah are the real Ahl al-Sunnah- Dr. Muhammad Tijani).

4 Responses to “Identifying the Shi`as”

  1. A. Aziz Says:

    Asalamu aleikum

    Fitna and ignorance will alway occur, too many have been lead astray from righteous path even though they recite it several times during the day.

    Even if you show them all narations that claims Imam Ali (as) as the Prophet (saws) successor, then they will claim that Imam Ali (as) accepted the rule of the companions, but that is a false statement from them! And I urge all muslims to follow Deen Islam and seek knowlegde.
    The proof is simply found in Nahjul Balaghah, Letter to Malik no. 62 and in Sermon 72.

  2. Abdullah Says:

    Amazing definition, I will be using that a lot

  3. Sa'id Dustin Toney Says:

    I am a convert as of almost six years ago and what I have learned is that anyone who declares their belief in the one True God of creation, declares their belief in the prophethood of our holy messenger, Muhammad (pbuh) the rest of the prophets, and the holy books in their untampered original states is a Muslim insha’llah. I don’t care what you claim to be. I will pray shoulder to shoulder with anyone who follows the deen of Allah happilly. Let us not get caught up in dogma that doesn’t really help us to stay on the straight path. I never really worried about whether I believed as the Sunni or Shia. Insh’llah we (the world Uma) can stand together in unity.
    Assalamu’alaykum wa rahmatullah

  4. bfoali Says:

    Dear brother, I agree with nearly all of your sentiments; and insha Allah Muslims with your temper become the norm.

    With that said, I have to disagree with some of your statements. I believe how one views his religion is of utmost importance. What I mean is this: Sunni and Shia Muslims both have different interpretations of certain things. Whose interpretation is more accurate? Certainly truth isn’t subjective. I have more to study, but with what I know so far, my conclusion has lead me to follow Islam in a particular way; that way of the Shia school of thought.

    I am a bit puzzled as to what you mean by dogma in the context of your statement; if you do return to this discussion, I hope you can clarify exactly how you mean to use the word.

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