Now, I know as online users we have many sites, choices, and mediums to express and share common and differing views alike.  I’ve come across a Shia Islamic media site that will raise the bar for our online presence. is an Islamic answer to Youtube– just without all the bigotry and disrespect towards our […]

Salaamu alaykum. I was going to write a wonderful article about praying in front of a grave. Is it haram or not? But I remembered a video that subhan’Allah explains it so perfect that in my opinion cannot  be duplicated in the power of presentation. Even if I were to copy every word and present it it would still not […]

                                  Salaamu Alaykum please watch all of it, you won’t regret it w’Allah I promise!!  May Allah(swt) curse the killer of Fatima Zahra(as) and the ones that were her enemy’s until the end of times!! The video speaks for itself. Very Good information please pay attention and take notes. This was faster for me instead […]