Although we are generally not in the business of news and politics, it is increasingly necessary in today’s world to keep up with global developments, and there is one that I think is particularly worthy of note.

Recently, Egyptian-born, Saudi-funded “Sheik” Yusuf Qaradawi proclaimed “Shiites are Muslims but they are heretics and their danger comes from their attempts to invade Sunni society…What is happening is organized, an invasion… It is not a religious invasion but a political one. Iran is trying to impose itself on those around it.” His ridiculous warnings and his “generous” acceptance of Shias as Muslims are comical enough alone. But the Wahhabi propaganda machine didn’t stop there.

When Muslims throughout the region, Sunni and Shia, united in condemning his non-sense, he sought to explain himself: “I am trying to preempt the threat before it gets worse. If we let Shiites penetrate Sunni societies, the outcome won’t be praiseworthy. The presence of Shiites in Iraq and Lebanon is the best evidence of instability.” Right Mr. Qaradawi. Its the SHIA who foment violence and instability in Iraq and Lebanon. Not the Saudi-sponsored lunatics and agents (like yourself) in both mentioned countries. And furthermore- lets say that the claim of Shia attempts at intellectually “invading” Sunni countries is plausible. If you are so confident that your intepretation of Islam is true, what do you fear? Why don’t you simply present yours, with all of the money you have, along with the overwhelming Sunni population in countries like your native Egypt, and leave it at that? Isn’t that how civilized beings operate? Isn’t that how true Muslims operate? Or would you prefer defending your interpretations against others by force and fitna?

Perhaps I’m the fool for trying to find reason in the words of someone who justifies his ludicrous allegations and fear with this: “When I left Egypt 47 years ago, it had not a single Shiite and now there are many… who took them to Shiism? Egypt is the cradle of Sunnism and the country of Al-Azhar.”

I think the Sunni thinker Fahmy Huweidi summed it up best: “Qaradawi’s comments revealed two parallel trends in the Islamic world, ‘one that is busy defending the sect, the other busy defending the Islamic nation.'”

3 Responses to “The Hypocrites Speak: The Shiites are Coming”

  1. Ali Hodroje Says:

    Sallam, Very good post, it is people like these supposed ”Sheikhs” that are the germs that we have to get rid of. If we as muslims are to progress in this ever increasing anti islamic world. His fitnah is un wanted and un needed but who am I to say anything. I am sure he has influence over people, which is something that should sadden our day, but alhamdullah we have muslims such as the authors of this site, that can attemtp to have a crack at exposing this fitnah caused by this so called teacher of islam.
    Walikum Salam Wr Wb

  2. Ali Hodroje Says:

    whats happening..were missing your articles.
    Walikum Salam Wr Wb

  3. Syed Hassan Ali Says:

    This sheikh Astagfirullah seems to be an American Puppet. Pls dont forget that Shias are Sunnis meaning that the Shias like myself follow all the sunnahs of the Holy Prophet PBUH and his progeny. The problem with us muslims is that a large number of us unfortunately are very ignorant and illetrate thus falling and believing fitna full statements like the one above. Fear Allah s.w.t Mr Yusuf and read about the consequences of people like yourself’s who mislead the ummah. Why is it that the Saudis and Egyptians in particular fear loosing their monarchy regime. May Allah forgive me if im wrong but its quite evident that you have been paid to decieve the Muslim ummah. How can you use your position to do or utter such kind of none sense. I am a strong believer of the saying “the truth always surfaces” and Inshallah the truth will surface regardless of your enourmous efforts to create this division amongst Muslims. Wasalam

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