The month of Muharram, the first month of the Islamic calendar brings with it the remembrance of a sacrifice which like the world has never seen before. In a battle that they seemingly lost in material terms, Imam Hussein, his family and his companions emerged victorious. The cost of this victory was immeasurable and would undoubtedly be remembered in the hearts of all people who hear this tragic story until the end of times. Ashuraa literally means “Ten” in the Arabic language. The tragedy took place in Karbala, a city in southern Iraq and is commemorated every year by Muslims. The “Majaalis” or gatherings that are conducted were originally started by the sister of Imam Hussein(as) Sitna (Lady) Zeinab(as). Huge amounts of blessings come down on the people who commemorate this tragedy. It is said that a tear that falls from a believe’s eyes in remembrance of Imam Hussein(as) is capable burning out the fire of hell.

Imam Jafar As-Sadiq  is narrated  saying “The sacrifice of Imam Hussein(as)and his family and his companions is a flame in the heart of the believer, a flame that can never be put out.”

Washington Irving a American Author, Biographer and Columnist is quoted saying “It is possible for Imam Hussein to save his life by submitting himself to the will of Yazid. But his responsibility as a reformer did not allow him to accept Yazid’s caliphate. He therefore prepared to embrace all sorts of discomforts and inconvenience in order to deliver Islam from the hands of the Umayyad. Under the blazing sun, on the parched land and against the stifling heat of Arabia, stood the Immortal Hussein.”

Coming soon the “Savior of Islam”

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