Salaamu alakum wa rhmatallahu wa barkatu.

     Let me first start off by giving you a small, brief and quick bio and description on Imam Ali (as). In case you don’t know too much on him.

Imam Ali(as) was born in the year 600a.c in the month of Rajab on the 13 of a Friday. His mother was Fatima Binte Asad, and his father was Abu Talib. His Father like figure, first cousin and his father-in-law was the Prophet Muhammad (saw). His wife was Fatima Zahra (as) the Daughter of the Prophet. His children were Imam Hassan (as), Imam Hussein (as), Zeinab (as) and Ummu Kulthum (as). He had other children but these were the children between him and Fatima Zahra. He is the greatest and Strongest warrior to ever live.

Imam Ali was the first and the last and the only person to ever be born in the Kaaba (House of God). The hour before his birth his mother was outside her house and she was by the Kaaba when she went into major pain. She called out saying "O my protector ease my pain". When all of a sudden one of the sides of the Kaaba split open and she unknowingly walked in and it closed up. She gave birth. She stayed in there for three days and on the third day she came out She saw her Husband Abu Talib and his Nephew. His Nephew was the Prophet Muhammad (saw). As soon as saw them she said "Ya Muhammad the child has not taken milk in three days and I fear that he is dead or he is near death". Prophet Muhammad (as) took the child and cradled him and as soon as he looked him in the eyes his child responded by saying "Asalaamu alaka ya Rasoullah" and the Prophet answered back "Wa alakum asalaam". Muhammad then gave the child his firsts feeds from his mouth. His mother then said I want to name him Asad or Hydar, his father wanted to name him Zaid. But the Prophet said "his name shall be Ali for it is ordained it is sent down from God". (Throughout his life Imam Ali would also use the name Hydar as a title). Immediately then Muhammad took him under his care and moved him in with him. They were inseparable. Ali was like a son to him. Muhammad used to feed him, dress him, bath him, used to sleep next to him so to make sure he was always fine. Whenever the Prophet used to go out he carried him in a sling. Three years later Muhammad married Khadeeja. Khadeeja took Ali in as her own. The only time the Prophet and Ali were separated which wasn’t for more than a half hour was if Muhammad had work. There was never a father who loved their son more than the Prophet loved Ali and a son who was obedient to his father then Ali was to Muhammad. It is narrated by Ibne Abil Hadeed (commentary of Nahjul Balagha Vol.3 page 251) Quotes the Prophets uncle Abbas saying "The Prophet was so fond of Ali that once when Ali was a young boy he sent him out on some errand and the child took a long time to return, he started getting worried and anxious in the end he prayed to God "Please Lord do not let me die unless I behold Ali once again"

Imam Ali (as) is quoted on saying "I was still a new born baby when the Prophet took me in from my parents I used to cling to him, he would make sleep in his bed, pressing my body against his and making me smell his fragrance and felt its warmth; he used to feed me and when I grew a little older he never found me uttering a lie or feigning a deceit. To me he was like a guiding star and I used to carefully follow his actions and deeds. I was attached to him like a young camel attached to its mother. He used to place me before high values of morality, and used to advise me to follow them; every year he would spend some days at the grotto of the Hera Mountain. And I used to be with him, I was his only companion then and none else could meet him at Hera there I used to see light of revelation, and used to smell the Fragrance of apostlehood. Once the holy Prophet (saw) told me that, "Ali you have attained a very eminent place. You see what I see and you hear what I hear".

The Prophet (saw)said "O Ali! God hath ordered me to keep you near me. You are to me like an ear that retain everything, because you are the retaining ear that the Holy Book(Quran) had praised. (Holy Quran S:69 V:12)

When Ali(as) was 13 he began to act as the Prophets(saw) bodyguard. (Nahjul Balagha) narrates that’s that Ali had broke the nose of one person, the teeth of another, and pulled the ear of another and threw him to the floor.  This in reaction of the people stoning  the Prophet. Imam  Ali most of the time fought men older than him. Ali got the nickname Quazeem- meaning the breaker of thrower. After that no one dared to throw anything at the Prophet when Ali was with him.

I think this is enough about is upbringing as I pointed out he married the Prophets daughter and had four children. There’s much more about how he lived and what he did but that would take forever. Anyways he died in the year 661a.c in the month of Ramadan on the 21. He died while he was praying. He was in prayer and in the Salaam position and he was a struck in the head with a sword that was dipped in poison.

Now let’s begin with his justification in Quran and hadith. First of Imam Ali(as) belongs to Ahlul bait. The verse in Quran says; Quran S:33 V:33- Allah only desires to keep away the uncleanness from you, O people of the House! and to purify you a (Thorough) purification. It is recorded in Sahih Muslim that Ahlul Kisa is Muhammad(saw) Imam Ali(as) Fatima Zahra(as) Imam Hassan(as) Imam Hussein(as) (Sahih Muslim Book 031, Number 5923). Now we ask when did this verse come down? The narration states that Prophet (saw) came to Fatima Zahra house and he was sick at the time and asked her to cover him with the Yemenite cloak and he sat under the kisa (Cloak). Then about one hour later Imam Hassan comes in and tells his mother that he smells a wonderful smell it smells like his Grandfather, she answers yes he’s under the cloak so he goes under and asks if he can enter he tells him to enter. Then Imam Hussein comes and says the same thing and go to his grandfather and asks if he can enter and he tells him to enter, then Imam Ali comes home and he tells Fatima Zahra I smell a wonderful smell it smells like my brother my cousin the prophet (saw). She answers yes he’s under the cloak with your children. So he goes to them and he asks the prophet if he can enter he tells him yes. Then Fatima Zahra comes and asked her father if she can enter and he tells her enter. A little after Ummi Salma comes (one of the Prophets wife’s ) and asks if she can enter and the prophet tells her that she cannot enter for this is for Ahlul Bayt only. These Five are known as Ahlul Kisa. So when there inside the prophet sat Imam Hassan in his right thigh and Imam Hussein on his left thigh. Imam Ali was on his right and Fatima on his left. Then prophet held the two corners of the cloak and raising his right hand towards the sky and said

"O Allah! These are my Ahlul Bayt. they are my confidants and my supporters. Their flesh is my flesh and their blood is my blood. Whoever hurts them, hurts me. Whoever displeases them displeases me. Whoever makes peace with them makes peace with me. Whoever has enmity against them has enmity against me. Whoever is a friend of them, is a friend of mine. It is because they belong to me and I belong to them.

O Allah! Bestow Your Peace, Benevolence, Mercy, Forgiveness and Your Pleasures on me and on them. And keep them aloof from uncleanness and keep them pure and thoroughly purified".

Then the lord, Almighty Allah said,

"O my Angels! O inmates of the heavens! I created this solid firmament, well-stretched earth, well-lighted moon, shining sun, rotating planets, rippling oceans, floating boats, and all other things for the sake and love of these five personages who are inside the cloak". At this the Archangel Jibra’il asked, "O Lord!

Who are they inside the cloak?" The Lord said: "they are Ahlul bait of the Prophet and the assats of the Prophethood. They are Fatimah, her father, her husband, and her two sons". Jabra’il said " O Lord! Permit me also to descend to the earth and join them as a sixth one inside the cloak". The Lord said "You are permitted".

Thus Jibra’il the Archangel came down to earth and said: O Prophet of Allah! Peace be on you. The Gracious Lord, the Almighty Allah sends his Greeting to you to bestow on you His Grace and Mercy and says: "By My Grace and Grandeur I created this solid firmament, well-stretched earth, well-lighted moon, shining  sun, rotating planets, rippling oceans, floating boats, and all other things for the sake and love of you and your chosen people". And the Lord, Almighty has given me the permission to join you inside the cloak. O Prophet of Allah!

"May I come in and be with you ". The Holy Prophet replied: "O the Bearer of Divine revelation! Peace be on you also. Yes, you may come in". Then Jibra’il too came inside the cloak. Thereafter, he said "Allah sends his revelation to you people and says: " Allah only desires to keep away the uncleanness from you, Ahlul Bait and to purify you a (Thorough) purification.

So this verse that God sent down he sent it about Ahlul Bait. So how is that if God Choose Imam Ali to be with the Prophet as his Ahlul Bayt that he would not be next after him. This is not the Greatest proof in th Quran to Show how he was Chosen as the next Kalifa but I added it to show you the Significances of Imam Ali. Also to show the importance of another Hadith found in Sahih Muslim which stats: The prophet told the people I will be leaving you soon and I leave you two things behind, one is the Holy Quran and the other is my Ahlul Bait and these two will never leave each other. It’s called hadith Thaqalayn (Sahih Muslim Book 031, Number 5920)

The next proof is in Quran which is stated in S:5 V:55. Quran S:5 V:55- Only Allah is your Friend and his apostle and those who believe, those who keep up prayers and pay the poor-rate while they bow. Now in the verse Allah (swt) tells you that only he is your friend and the prophet the believer. But read it carefully not just any believer because I could be a believer but not do what is asked of me by God. So God makes it clear by saying, "those who pray and pay the poor-rate while they bow". But again read it carefully God says not only those who pray but those who pay the poor-rate while they bow. In other words those who pay Zakat (give to the poor) while they bow meaning in salat(Prayer). And there is no one in history who gave Zakat to the poor while they were praying. No one except one man Imam Ali(as). This is proven once again in the Sunni hadith (Zamakhshari ‘al-Tafseer al-Kashshaf’, al-Ma’ida chapter, verse no. 55, Muhammad Abdul Rauf, Ph.D ch:6 pg:44-45). The Narration states that there was a poor man outside the Masjid (mosque). He approached some people telling them that he was poor and if they had money to spare. They responded by saying that there is a man inside the Masjid (mosque) that would give him and would never say no. So the poor man walked in the mosque and found the Prophet(saw) sitting with some of his companions. So when he began to ask for charity no one there had anything to offer.  Imam Ali was in Raakiu (meaning bowing in salat), Imam Ali(as) while in Raakiu stuck out his right hand and shook a finger and the man jumped up pulled of the ring that was on the Imam’s finger next to his pinkie. Right after that happened and the people witnessed the event the Prophet(saw) who was impressed by the Imam Ali’s(as) charitable spirit, rasied his hands towards heaven and prayed by saying " O Allah. My brother Musa(as) (Moses) prayed to You, saying: "O Lord. Expand my breast, ease my task for me, and remove the impediment from my tongue so that they may understand me. And make for me a minister from my family, Haroun (Aaron) my brother. Add to my strength through him and make him share my task".(Quran Ch:28 V:34)  And then You, my Lord, revealed to him Your words: "Surely We shall strengthen your arm through your brother and invest you both with authorithy so that they cannot touch you".(Quran Ch:28 V:35) And here I am, my Lord, Muhammad, Your Servant, Your Messenger and Your choice, O Allah, pleading to You! Expand my breast. Ease my burden for me. And make a member of my family, Ali a minister for me. Add to my strength through him! Whereupon Jibra’il (Gabreil) came down from Heaven and revealed the verse. (Quran C:5 V:55).

Which states when translated: ONLY Allah is your friend and the Prophet and the believer who does his prayers and give chairaty to the poor while they are in prayer. More specific while they are in Raakiu in salat. There has never been anyone who did this act except him.

Next proof is stated in Quran. QURAN S:5 V:67–(O Apostle! proclaim The (message) which hath been sent to thee from thy LORD. If thou didst not, thou wouldst not have fulfilled and proclaimed his mission and GOD will defend thee from mean mischief for GOD guided not those who reject faith). That means ALLAH(SWT) is telling the prophet to deliver the last part of his message or the message that he already delivered would have been for nothing because remember God tells the Prophet to say what he is telling him to reveal, he Only speaks Gods words. So this means it was at the end of his life when the verse came down and that the message of Islam was already sent and there was one more thing that he needed to say and the importance of it was so severe that if not said, his MESSAGE that he had delivered to the people would not even matter. Let’s Examine something for a minute Abrahim’s(AS) sons where the kalifa after him, Musa(AS) left his brother after him Haroon (AS) Yaya (AS) was sent to preach and give word that ISA(AS) was coming his cousin not counting the Family of Imran Quran SURAH:3, Dawood(AS) and his son after him Sulaiman(AS). You mean to tell me that the Prophet was never instructed to reveal his successor and the more obvious didn’t choose his family like all the Prophets before him who Allah(swt) revealed would succeed and choose in the Quran, that would make no sense. Why would ALLAH (SWT) leave his people guessing and in conflict with each other when in the past every Prophet named there successor. And Prophets never did anything on their own without God telling them to do it.

Now it is narrated that it was the end of Hajj and it was the last year the Prophet was alive. They were making their journey’s for Hajj pilgrimage. When they halted by a water place known as Ghadir al-Khumm.

It is known as the Day of Ghadir al- Khumm. The Prophet was told to deliever the last part of his message said to him by Jibra’il (Gabrial) and he did what he was told he delieverd the last part of his message. He stood up on top of a small like hill so he would be looking down on every one and every one could see and hear. There was over 100,000 people there. So he stands there and he then tells Imam Ali to come and stand next to him. He then grabs Imam Ali hand and holds it up and yells out loud to everyone "If I am your master Ali is your master. Ali is to me as Haroon is to Musa except the only difference is after me there will be no more Prophets. (Because GODS message was complete and now it just needed maintaining) I am the city of knowledge and Ali is the Gateway, if one desires the Knowledge he must pass through the Gateway. Then it is reported right after that Omar Ibnal Khthab tells Imam Ali(as) “congratulations oh Abal hassan, you have become my master and the master of every momeein and momeenat ". This is the same place he gave the the speech about hadith Thaqalayn. (Muhammad Abdul Rauf, Ph.D ch:6 pg:50, Shawahid al-Tanzil’, vol. 1, p. 190, Wahidi in ‘Asbab al-Nozool’ p.135) (Sahih Muslim Book 031, Number 5920).

The Prophet also said when he was on earth " The most knowledgeable person among my nation after me is Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib".

And when this was revealed the next and the last Verse of the Holy Quran was sent down. And it was perfectly spoken by God and God only speaks the best of all things. Quran S:5 V:3- This day I have perfected your religion for you, COMPLETED MY FAVOR UPON YOU, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion. And the verse speaks for itself but the deep meaning of the verse is indicating that Ali(as) is favor (blessing) of the world. So the Mercy is Muhammad(saw) and the blessing is Ali(as)

Now lets examine what type of khalifa Allah(swt) chooses. Quran C:2 V:124- "And when his Lord tried Ibrahim with certain words, he fulfilled them. He said: Surely I will make you an IMAM of men. Ibrahim said: And of my OFFSPRING? My covenant does not include the UNJUST, said He".  So Ibrahim was an Imam also wow. And who is his offspring, Muhammad and his family. The word used in Quran is Imam. Why is the word so important that it needs to be used? According to some Scholars the word Imam means teacher or instructor. But know I ask you isn’t the Prophet a teacher and a instructor already. When a Prophet reveals Gods message doesn’t he have to teach the meaning of it and show and lead by example? Of course he is so then why is the word so important that God used Imam? Ibrahim(as) was first a servent, then a prophet, then a Rasoul, the he became the khalil, THEN he became an Imam. But now let us examine the last part of the verse. When Ibrahim(as) asks will there be Imam’s from my offspring Allah(swt) answers so perfectly. He says “My covenant does not include the UNJUST”. Meaning that in order to be appointed by Allah he must be just in every aspect of his life and rule on earth. He must be infallible. I was going to write when the first three Khalifa’s after the prophet feel in a moment of indecency in there rule on earth but, this blog is already long enough as it is if so if you would like you can email me and ask for them.

Every Prophet asked God for something Muhammad asked God for protection for his Ahlul Bait. Quran S:42 V:23- "I do not ask you for any reward except love for my Kin". Quran S:36 V:21-"Obey those who ask no reward from you and who have themseleves received guidance".

This is a description of abstemiousness and fear of Allah By Imam Ali (as). "O’ people! look at the world like those who abstain from it, and turn away from it. By Allah, it would shortly turn out its inhabitants and cause grief to the happy and the safe. That which turns and goes away from it never returns and that which is likely to come about is not known or anticipated. Its joy is mingled with grief. Herein men’s firmness inclines towards weakness and languidness. The majority of what pleases you here should not mislead you because that which would help you would be little.
Allah may shower His mercy on him who ponders and takes lesson thereby, and when he takes lesson he achieves enlightenment. Whatever is present in this world would shortly not exist, while whatever is to exist in the next world is already in existence. Every countable thing would pass away. Every anticipation should be taken to be coming up and everything that is to come up should be taken as just near.
Learned is he who knows his worth. It is enough for a man to remain ignorant if he knows not his worth. Certainly, the most hated man with Allah is he whom Allah has left for his own self. He goes astray from the right path, and moves without a guide. If he is called to the plantation of this world he is active, but if he is called to the plantation of the next world he is slow. As though what he is active for is obligatory upon him whereas in whatever he is slow was not required of him.
There would be a time wherein only a sleeping (inactive) believer would be safe (such that) if he is present he is not recognised but if he is absent he is not sought after. These are the lamps of guidance and banners of night journeys. They do not spread calumnies nor divulge secrets, nor slander. They are those for whom Allah would open the doors of His mercy and keeps off from them the hardships of His chastisement.
O’ people ! a time will come to you when Islam would be capsized as a pot is capsized with all its contents. O’ people, Allah has protected you from that He might be hard on you but He has not spared you from being put on trial. Allah the Sublimest of all speakers has said: Verily in this are signs and We do only try (the people). Quran C:23 V:30

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