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The masses of Christians and Christian missionaries have claimed that verse 256 of Chapter 2 has been abrogated; some claim that many verses abrogate this (verse 256), where as certain missionaries claim that only one verse in particular abrogates the verse. (more…)

As-Sallamu-Alaykom dear brothers and sisters,

            One of the most controversial topics when it comes to Sunni and Shia dialogue is the discussion of ‘Ilmu ‘l-ghayb (who has it, has anyone been shown any aspect of it etc).

My personal experience with Sunni Muslims and Salafies has caused me to categorise them (those who I debate on this topic) into two categories.


BAGHDAD — A suicide car bomb devastated a Shiite mosque in northern Iraq, one of a series of attacks Friday that killed at least 37 Shiite pilgrims and worshippers, police and medical officials said. . (more…)

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In today’s article we will examine the issue of Taqiyya with three main objectives:

We will first learn about Taqiyya (when is it applicable, what is the definition etc), secondly we will seek to prove its legitimacy from the Holy Quran, and finally examine the issue from the perspective of Sunni Muslim’s most authentic book, and see if Taqiyya has ever been performed throughout Islamic history.



Before we examine the article that was written on ‘’Answering-’’ I would first like to give my sincere gratitude to Osama Abdullah. (more…)

As-Sallamu-Alaykom to all of our readers
This is a video I found on YouTube where Ayatollah Modarresi addresses the claims of a Wahhabi Cleric (the clip of the cleric comes in at 56 seconds) who says that giving allegiance to Yazid (La) was obligatory on Imam Hussein (as).>

As-Sallamu-Alaykom my dear brothers and sisters

CNN) — Hundreds of Egyptians took part Monday in the funeral of Marwa Sherbini, an Egyptian woman who was stabbed to death last week in the German city of Dresden in a crime believed to be racially motivated

*        Sherbini, 33, was stabbed to death Wednesday in a courtroom (more…)

As-Sallamu-Alaykom dear brothers and sisters,

For today’s rebuttal we will examine the article written by in where they try to argue that the word Shia as mentioned within the Holy Qur’an has a mainly negative meaning and to be associated with the word is to be associated with rebellion and division. We will take a look at the verses and at the commentaries in order to get a better understanding of how the word has been used and see how compelling their argument really is.

Our next step after we do the above will be to expose the terrible mess that have put themselves in; when they argue that being associated with the word Shia is a curse and finally expose their deceptive tactics. (more…)