Although we are generally not in the business of news and politics, it is increasingly necessary in today’s world to keep up with global developments, and there is one that I think is particularly worthy of note. Recently, Egyptian-born, Saudi-funded “Sheik” Yusuf Qaradawi proclaimed “Shiites are Muslims but they are heretics and their danger comes […]

With popular demand on the explanation of Mut’aa, I present to you:  “Is Mut’aa forbidden”? Quran: Surah: Nisa(4) Verse:24– And all married women are forbidden save those whom your right hand possess. (This is) Allah’s written ordinance for you. Except for these, allowed to you are all women; that you seek them in exchange for […]

We will remember them…..lest we forget.  The actions of 9/11 were deplorable by the standards of– not only all God-fearing people, but by the standards of secular human beings alike.  We should put the controversy and conspiracy theories aside for a moment and remember how dangerous religious off-shoots can be.  The wahhabi political infiltration into […]

Abu-Lu’lu’ah was a champion for human rights.

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