The following sayings of the Holy Prophet of Islam are taken from Ayatollah Imani’s book A Bundle of Flowers, in which he has taken the great care of carefully selecting various traditions, from various sources, of the Prophet of Islam, and his Ahlul Bait. I, for this post, have only selected the sayings of the […]

As-Sallamu-Alaykom, As Shia Muslims in Malaysia seek to receive a basic fundamental right in being able to practice their religion, we here at this blog will try, God willing, to keep our readers updated as much as possible on the current situation. In the present climate the Shia denomination is considered illegal, and therefore anyone […]

A religious scholar in Malaysia blasts the arrest of more than 200 Muslim Shias, including Iranians, Indonesians and Pakistanis, at an Ashura mourning ceremony. “Malaysia is trying to become a country a la Taliban that only allows one school of thought,” prominent Muslim scholar Asri Zainul Abidin said.

In his Peak of Eloquence Imam Ali (as) give a most wonderful definition of the word Islam. Though already produced on this site, amongst many other immaculate sayings, I believe this one in particular deserves another look at.

‘’ With the advent of the month of Muharram, my father Imam Kadhim (A.S.) would never be seen laughing; gloom and sadness would overcome him for (the first) ten days of the month; and when the tenth day of the month would dawn, it would be a day of tragedy, grief, and weeping for him.’’

Imam Hussein(as) “Death with dignity is better than life with Humiliation” Salaamu alaykum wa rhmatallahu wa barkatu. Since the time of the Prophet Muhammad(saw) the grandson of the prophet, Imam Hussein(as) has been honored for his great tragedy in Karbala. The purpose of this piece will be to shed some light on the reason WHY. […]

As-Sallamu-Alaykom dear brother and sisters The masses of Christians and Christian missionaries have claimed that verse 256 of Chapter 2 has been abrogated; some claim that many verses abrogate this (verse 256), where as certain missionaries claim that only one verse in particular abrogates the verse.

As-Sallamu-Alaykom dear brothers and sisters,             One of the most controversial topics when it comes to Sunni and Shia dialogue is the discussion of ‘Ilmu ‘l-ghayb (who has it, has anyone been shown any aspect of it etc). My personal experience with Sunni Muslims and Salafies has caused me to categorise them (those who I […]

BAGHDAD — A suicide car bomb devastated a Shiite mosque in northern Iraq, one of a series of attacks Friday that killed at least 37 Shiite pilgrims and worshippers, police and medical officials said. .

This is in response to the flier challenge made by the Nasibis (Kharijites) to Shia Muslims.  You have the nerve to run your mouth about Shia’s when your terrorist sect is so full of holes and dirty teachings.  I suggest you pick up a book and read.