Salaamu alaykum. I was going to write a wonderful article about praying in front of a grave. Is it haram or not? But I remembered a video that subhan’Allah explains it so perfect that in my opinion cannot  be duplicated in the power of presentation. Even if I were to copy every word and present it it would still not […]

Many times the Shia are attacked by the Ahlul Sunni wa Jamma  on the way we combine the Duhr prayer with the Asr  and the Mughrib with the Isha. They claim that this is haram and that Salah is intended to be prayed individually. They also claim that this was only done by the Prophet […]

First let me start by making it clear that you understand the difference between Shia and Sunni when it comes to hadith. The Shia do not believe in the perfection (immunity) of any writer, commentator or narrator from mistakes and therefore, they do not take any collection of  hadith to be completely valid and correct. […]

Q: What is your opinion regarding one’s participation in Friday prayers nowadays when the Twelfth Imam is not present? Is it obligatory or not for someone to attend Friday prayers when they do not believe that the Friday prayer imam to be just? A: Even though Friday prayer is considered an alternative obligation during this […]

                                  Salaamu Alaykum please watch all of it, you won’t regret it w’Allah I promise!!  May Allah(swt) curse the killer of Fatima Zahra(as) and the ones that were her enemy’s until the end of times!! The video speaks for itself. Very Good information please pay attention and take notes. This was faster for me instead […]


The month of Muharram, the first month of the Islamic calendar brings with it the remembrance of a sacrifice which like the world has never seen before. In a battle that they seemingly lost in material terms, Imam Hussein, his family and his companions emerged victorious. The cost of this victory was immeasurable and would […]

Imam Ali(AS) says  “Sometimes you find that your Requests are not immediately granted. But do not be disappointed. Fulfillment of desire rests with the true purpose or intention of the prayer. More often fulfillment is delayed because the Merciful Lord wants to bestow on you suitable rewards. So in the mean time bare patiently hardships […]

       Salaamu alakum wa rhmatallahu wa barkatu.      Let me first start off by giving you a small, brief and quick bio and description on Imam Ali (as). In case you don’t know too much on him. Imam Ali(as) was born in the year 600a.c in the month of Rajab on the 13 of a […]