Q: What is the view of Your Eminence regarding what is found in media (satellite TV canals and internet) that is explicit insult and disgrace towards the wives of the Holy Prophet of Islam (S.W.A) using offensive language against her and charging her with things that throw her chastity and honor as a wife of the Nobel Prophet Muhammad (S.W.A) into question? It goes without saying that these behaviors have created great troubles within the Islamic Ummah and put the Muslims, especially the followers of Ahl al-Bayt (a.), in a state of stress.

A: It is ḥarām to disgrace the figures of our Sunni brothers, let alone charging the wife of the Prophet (peace be upon him and his household) with things that throw her chastity into question, rather, it is impossible for the wives of the prophets, especially those of the Master of the prophets, the great Messenger of Allah (S.W.A). *

8 Responses to “Ayatollah Khamenei on insulting the Prophets wife”

  1. Mustafa Q Says:

    articles like this anger me no offence. why do u even have to post such a thing? if anyone thinks we believe the hateful things than they are jahil. sorry for seeming so mad but i am. we dont need to defend ourselves from this.


  2. bfoali Says:

    Though I agree with a few of your premises, I still think it is, at times, necessary to fight against the strong and well funded propaganda against some of our beliefs; i.e. that we, and our most respected scholars, attribute adultery to the wife of the Prophet of Islam.

    As-Sallamu-Alaykom dear brother,

  3. Fawad S Says:

    I respectfully but absolutely disagree with you Mustafa. A lots of lies, fabrications and bigotry is being spread against us and our beleifs. Go google or You Tube and you will see it yourself. This wahabi propaganda needs to be answered and truth needs to be told or else their version which is a lie would be considered the truth in absence of the truth itself.
    I do it myself and i would urge all the Shia – dont go arguing and cursing like wahabis – but research thorougly and answer in a respectable manner. That way not only you end up increasnig your own faith in Islam and its logic and beauty but also are heard by those who want a reason not to hear the truth.

  4. zeeshan Says:

    Praise to Allah who gave us leaders like
    Ali Khamenei. He has a broad outlook and vision. This fatwa helped to decrease the differences among shia and sunni sects.

  5. Zahra Says:

    We do not need someone like Khamenei to tell us that we should condemn insults towards the wives of the Prophet (S.W.A.), every muslim should know that it is wrong. And Zeeshan the differences between shia and sunni cannot be decreased by some so called leader who kills his fellow muslim brothers and sisters, these differences are caused by tradition and ignorance and need other solutions than fatwas.

  6. bfoali Says:


    I believe I should clarify my intention for posting this. It wasn’t because I believed that other Shia Muslims were ignorant about this, quite the contrary, but, I do know that many Muslims from other sects believe that we condone such actions. Thus, in posting this I hoped to combat the argument that we practice such a thing, rather than as a general lesson (a lesson, and I agree with you here, that most Shia Muslims do not need).

  7. hamza Says:

    ho dare you say something against islam fawad have you forgotten allah and his prophets have you forgotten how prophet mustafa described islam he wold have ended the world only then

  8. Fatemeh Says:

    To Zahra:

    You do not deserve the name “Zahra”! Such an ignorant bigot with a foul mouth like you, who is totally blind of the current affairs of the world, needs to keep her peace! Shame on you!

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