If we wish to discuss the Shi`as without fanaticism or affectation, we would say that they are the adherents of the Islamic School of Thought which respects and follows the twelve Imams from the family (Ahl al-Bayt) of the Prophet. They are Ali and eleven of his offspring. The Shi`as refer to the Prophet and […]

Q: What is the view of Your Eminence regarding what is found in media (satellite TV canals and internet) that is explicit insult and disgrace towards the wives of the Holy Prophet of Islam (S.W.A) using offensive language against her and charging her with things that throw her chastity and honor as a wife of […]

If one is to take a look at the many sites which critique the Jafarri School of Thought, one sees a common article plastered somewhere on the site. The article usually has the same title, always the same content, and many times no credit is given to the original writer of the article. The article’s […]