Imam Hussein(as)Death with dignity is better than life with Humiliation

Salaamu alaykum wa rhmatallahu wa barkatu. Since the time of the Prophet Muhammad(saw) the grandson of the prophet, Imam Hussein(as) has been honored for his great tragedy in Karbala. The purpose of this piece will be to shed some light on the reason WHY. Tens of millions of people have visited the shrine of Imam Hussein(as) to pay tribute to this unbelievable man, even if it called for them to endure severe hardships. I have presented a brief bio on his birth, Quranic reference that shows the prophecy told of him in Karbala, traditions narrated about the Lord of the Martyrs and finally hopefully help you understand the significances of his remarkable sacrifice in Karbala.

Imam Hussein(as) was born in the month of Shabaan 4 AH 626 AD. His father is Imam Ali(as), his mother Fatima Zahra(as) the only biological child of the prophet that stayed alive, his older brother Imam Hassan(as) and his two sisters Zeinab(as) and Umm Kulthum(as). Although his sisters were not of AhlulBayt as he was, which included his brother, mother, father and grandfather, they from self Jihad reached a level that would accompany them. Quran S:33 V:33-(Allah only desires to keep away the uncleanness from you, O people of the House! and to purify you a (Thorough) purification).

When Hussein(as) was born and news reached the prophet(saw) he rushed straight to Fatima’s (as) house. The effects of grief and sorrow were apparent on his face. He then kissed the newborn pressing him against his chest and began to weep. He then said “May Allah(swt) curse the group who would kill you , O my Son. ”He repeated this phrase three times. He then gave the child to Safia the daughter of Abd al-Mutallalib. She then said” May my parent be sacrificed for you, who would kill him?” The prophet(saw) responded by saying “A seditious group from Banu Umayyads”. He then requested that she not tell Fatima(as) for the baby was still just born.(Hayat al-Imam al-Huysan vol.1 pg.27). Of course the prophet had recited Adhan and Aqama in both his left and right ears and gave him the name Hussein as he was instructed.(Kashf al-Ghama vol.2 pg.3-4) Also with Islamic customs the Prophet(saw) on the seventh day of Imam Hussein’s(as) birth sacrificed two sheep. He gave portion of it to midwife, offered alms equivalent to the weight of Imam Hussein’s(as) hair and perfumed him with some good smell.(Bihar al-Anwar vol.43 pg.239)

Historians have concluded that during pagan times the Arabs were not familiar with the names Hassan and Hussein so no one could name their children with either of these names, and these two names were revealed to the Prophet Muhammad(saw) by Allah(swt) threw divine revelation for the children of Fatima(as).(Asad al-Ghama vol.2 p.11)

As Imam Hussein(as) grew up he inherited the traits of his beloved Grandfather and parents. He learned and mastered the most important traits, such as education, faith, crusade, struggle, sacrifice, perseverance, purity, sincerity, piety, and asceticism. Now we all might practice these traits but how many of us can really say that we have mastered them all, zero. If you really have mastered all of these traits then you are a sinless human being, you are in the sight of perfection. You would be mistake free because of the wisdom you would hold. But we know that not just anyone is Infallible except who Allah’s (swt) chooses as Vicegerent’s (prophets and Imams) and the women that he chooses two carry or to look after these vessels.

The Prophet has saidHassan and Hussein are the two chiefs of the youth of Paradise.”

The Prophet has saidHussein is form me and I am from him, Allah(swt) loves whoever loves Hussein.”

The Prophet has saidWhoever loves Hassan and Hussein has also loved me, and whoever considers them enemy had done enmity with me.”

I now direct you to Quran S:37 V:107- “We ransomed him with a great sacrifice. This verse in the Quran is referring to Prophet Ibrahim(as) and when Allah(swt) told him to sacrifice his son Ismail(as) but when Ibrahim(as) went to slaughter his son he was blindfolded, and when he cut and removed the blindfold he found that his son was to his right and that a ram was sacrificed instead. Allah (swt) revealed to Ibrahim(as) saying “We (I) ransomed him with a great sacrifice. The word in Arabic for great is Aziim. So when we come to examine the word, the word was used by Allah(swt) to show something great was ransomed in absolute degree for Ismail(as). A ram by no means, in any way, whatsoever Huge or even gigantic can be termed as great. Even more so under no circumstances can a ram be greater than PROPHET Ismail (as).

You mean after Allah(swt) had chosen Ismail(as) to be a prophet and the father of the Arabs, ultimately Grandfather of Muhammad(saw), Allah(swt) sees fit to have a ram be a great enough of a sacrifice? Ibrahim is told in the Quran that he was made an Imam after he had passed all of his tests and was even told that Imam’s would come from his offspring. (Quran S:2 V:124) So once again, if Prophet Muhammad (saw) is from the genealogy of Ibrahim (as) and Allah (swt) has blessed Ismail(as) with the lineage of Muhammad(saw), and Muhammad is the best of all the prophets and his family is better than all of the other family’s, then how is it that Allah(swt) sees fit that a ram is a great enough of a sacrifice. So then what is the great sacrifice? Imam Hussein (as) is. Why Imam Hussein you ask, because Hussein (as) would be the Savior of Islam. I’ll get to that in a bit but let me list some more Quranic references that show who Imam Hussein(as) is, but they won’t be in depth of explanation because of the length of the article. Insha’Allah I will explain every single verse in depth in future blogs. Or Just comment I will explain it to you separately Insha’Allah.

More Quranic references about the Master of all Martyrs: Quran S:3 V:61, Quran S:42 V:23, Quran S:2 V:124, Quran S:33 V:33, Quran S:76 V:7-14 Quran S:4 V:59, and many more.

Now Imam Hussein’s (as) death was a sacrifice that surpassed all other sacrifices. He is the savor of Islam. Some might argue that the people that helped begin and spread the religion were greater sacrifices, because they paved the way for Islam to grow. It’s not a bad argument at all and those martyrs truly were great, but they don’t come close, and I’ll explain why. Allah (swt) says something in the Quran. Surah:5 V:3- This day have I perfected for you your religion and completed My favor on you and chosen for you Islam as a religion”. This one verse alone is why none compare.

When this verse was revealed, Allah (swt) completed the religion on earth and bestowed his favor on us which was the appointing of Imam Ali(as). This verse was revealed after the speech was given and appointing of Imam Ali(as) on the day of Ghadeer Khum by the Holy Prophet(saw). But let us not get side tracked about the meaning of the verse. We are looking for why this verse is so important that makes Imam Hussein(as) the greatest martyr-sacrifice to ever walk the face of the earth.

We all know that Allah(swt) does not contradict Himself. That’s a fact and an undeniable on as well. So if Allah(swt) has said I have completed your religion on earth, that means it is 100% complete. Nothing can change it and nothing will. Allah(swt) states that Islam is your religion and it is complete. Therefore the martyrs that died to pave the way for Islam were undeniably great but there significance is a mere shadow compared to Imam Hussein(as). Islam was not yet complete as a whole. Allah(swt) had not yet established his final ruling on earth to come forth and say now your religion is complete and no one can change that. Islam was destined to be victories. So the significance of those martyrs signifies that we will fight in the way of Allah(swt) so that his ruling may come forth and be established, and many did and died a martyrs death. But the significances of Imam Hussein’s(as) death signifies that he dies so Allah(swt) word and religion would remain perfect because it already had been established. He died for the cause of the perfection of Allah(swt). He sacrificed himself and his family and friends to show the world that no one, not even tyrants like Yazeed(la) can change Allah(swt) religion and that His word is perfect. Imam Hussein’s(as) death showed the world that although we marched in a battle that was certain death we still were victories because what we fought for was the preservation of Allah’s(swt) perfect words and religion. He knew when he reached Karbala he would be killed, yet his mission was clear, preserve the perfection of Islam. Those martyrs that paved the way knew not if they would die or live. They knew that there would be a chance of death if they fought for truth. But Imam Hussein(as) fought even when knowing he would be killed. Allah(swt) predestined his death in Karbala to preserve Islam and the perfection of his word.

Because of Imam Hussein(as) our religion still exists till this day and it will for all time. Thats is why he will be remembered and mourned forever. Click here on to read justification of Mourning of Imam Hussein(as).

That is why Imam Hussein(as) is the Master of all Martyrs and is the greatest Martyr-sacrifice that has ever come and to come.

Imam Hussein(as) saysOh Allah, I have left the entire world for the sake of You, And I have orphaned my children so that I be with You. So if I am cut into pieces for the love of You, my heart would lean to none other than You.”

“The best lesson which we get from the tragedy of Karbala is that Husain and his companions were rigid believers in God. They illustrated that the numerical superiority does not count when it comes to the truth and the falsehood. The victory of Husain, despite his minority, marvels me!”Thomas Carlyle

“In a distant age and climate, the tragic scene of the death of Hosein will awaken the sympathy of the coldest reader.”Edward Gibbon

I learnt from Hussein how to achieve victory while being oppressed.” — Mahatma Gandhi

“If Husain had fought to quench his worldly desires, then I do not understand why his sisters, wives and children accompanied him. It stand to reason therefore he sacrificed purely for Islam.” –     Charles Dickens

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  1. bfoali Says:


    May Allah (Subhunu Wa Ta’ala) reward you for your article dear brother, indeed if anyone can get one thing from this article it is that what happened to Imam Hussein (Alayhe Salam) was indeed a tragedy. Imam Hussein (Alayhe Salam) represented freedom from oppression, honesty, and truth. Whereas the ‘’Leader’’ of the time represented all the things that are wrong with those who do not follow true and noble morals. Though the suffering of Imam Hussein and his companions was a tragedy there quest for truth and justice remains firm in their Shia and indeed they will never lose their Shia.

    On a side note I never knew that Gandhi and Dickenson had such beautiful sayings directed towards the Imam. Indeed his message is a universal message and indeed his grandfather the blessed Prophet Muhammad’s (May peace and blessings be upon him and his family) truth was a truth that has spread throughout the world even to those who are not Muslims.


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