13 Responses to “Al Nebras : Full Length Movie on Imam Ali (AS)”

  1. Davor Says:

    Good afternoon,
    I was wondering if you could write a web blog regarding the infalibilities of the Imams.


  2. Ali Hodroje Says:

    This isnt in english lool,
    do u have a link to one which is in english?
    Walikum salam wr wb

  3. Ali Hodroje Says:

    I did some research
    and I found the english version for the movie
    heres the link 2 part 1
    you can find the rest from the side

  4. ali Says:


  5. alihassan Says:

    asl awl

  6. sebastian Says:

    What is the Shia Crescent?

  7. Ali.H Says:

    Lebanon (South), Iran
    Vancouver (Richmond), Portland Oregon (Beaverton)

  8. Nazneen Says:

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me about the production details of this film please? As in which country it was produced by/in, what year, production company, director and also where I might be able to purchase a DVD with English subtitles (online) because I’m in Australia? Any information would be thoroughly appreciated.
    Thank you, JZK.

  9. bfoali Says:

    Nazeen I do not know how to approve your comment, maybe since I did not author this particular article.
    None the less here is a link to the english version of this movie


  10. Ali Says:

    Can anyone help to fine the Persian version of this movie in full lenght?


  11. bfoali Says:

    As-Sallamu-Alaykom brother Ali,
    I looked but I could not find for you a persian version, maybe I did not look well enough,

    I would reccomend that you just type in what you want in google and hope you find it.
    Sorry for the lack luster help

  12. sharmake Says:

    this isn’t english do you have one that is english

  13. bfoali Says:

    here is the english version of it Sharmake


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