We will remember them…..lest we forget.  The actions of 9/11 were deplorable by the standards of– not only all God-fearing people, but by the standards of secular human beings alike.  We should put the controversy and conspiracy theories aside for a moment and remember how dangerous religious off-shoots can be.  The wahhabi political infiltration into mainstream Islam needs to be curbed immediately.  Those terrorists hijacked more than planes that fateful morning….they hijacked an entire religion.  Let us remember not to generalize an entire race/religion/culture by the actions of the few fanatical’s.  We all need to remember that Osama bin Laden was funded, trained, and used as a proxy mercenary by the American C.I.A.  This is not conspiracy theory, but solid fact.  I urge our people to avoid jumping the bandwagon of conspiracy theories surrounding this issue.  You may come across as being non-compassionate towards this tragedy.  Remember, no matter who or what government served an accomplice to this atrocity– thousands of innocent civilians died as the result.  Their families deserve to be at peace with their loss.

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