We are still working out a few issues, but we feel it is safe to launch this official post.  We have added an integrated forum to this blog.  Meaning, if you register your free account on this site, you will automatically have your username and password integrated for the forum.  To visit the forum, simply click the Ummah link at the top of this site (after you have registered and signed into this main page, that is).  It’s that simple.  All we ask is that Islamic principles are observed while you are there.  It’s okay to ask questions, but please do not ridicule.  Also– if you are making an intelligent and respectful debate request, please be up front and open.  It is disrespectful to have our members take their time to answer and address questions if they are only cloaked debate claims.  For example, if I entered a Christianity forum and asked if 3 was equal to 1.  I know the answer to this question; my intention would be to stir a debate. 

The Truth is often a bitter pill to swallow.

Salaam ou alaykum.

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