THE Definitive Shia Islamic Media Source

Now, I know as online users we have many sites, choices, and mediums to express and share common and differing views alike.  I’ve come across a Shia Islamic media site that will raise the bar for our online presence. is an Islamic answer to Youtube– just without all the bigotry and disrespect towards our Prophet(saas).  What makes it different than the other Shia media sites?  Simple.  Full-length Islamic movies.  The videos are easy to share.  You can DOWNLOAD any of the media there conveniently via direct link– no add-ons or additional software needed!  Users can feel free to upload videos to share with the Ummah, and due to some ingenious coding– (for all of us that have done our fair share of uploading to Youtube)– the webmaster has implemented a convenient form that can import videos just by entering the Youtube link/URL!  All tagging, titling, and uploading is done just by the simple insertion of a Youtube URL  Of course the service is completely FREE and the user base is growing more and more everyday!  Join today and be part of the Islamic media revolution!

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