Salaamu alaykum. I was going to write a wonderful article about praying in front of a grave. Is it haram or not? But I remembered a video that subhan’Allah explains it so perfect that in my opinion cannot  be duplicated in the power of presentation. Even if I were to copy every word and present it it would still not compare.  I have learned a great deal from this man, this I cannot deny also respect of  knowlegde is due on the subject. So please watch in full and pay very close attention to the lecture. The full lecture can be found on youtube in 7 parts. or copy this ( *NEW* Ammar Nakshawani 2007- A reply to Sammara 1/7 ) and paste it in youtube and go from there. It is highly recommanded that you do watch the lecture in full. So that you may gain more knowledge.

12 Responses to “Is Praying in front of a grave Haram?”

  1. Ali Hodroje Says:

    Sallam to all,
    This video that was posted was a great one. The presentation and the passion in the speech was brilliant. I also love the consistency he has.

    May Allah (sawt)
    bless you all
    -Ali Hodroje

  2. Bassam Dawali Says:

    The video was intersting BUT,
    I was not sure as to what her (speaker) was trying to imply.
    Was he saying that the reasons why Shia muslims pray to graves was because the Qiba faced there, or were there other reasons.
    Please coudl you clarify as to what he was trying to Imply.


  3. MoMahdi Says:

    Salaam Bassam Dawali,
    The speaker was speaking in general about praying in front of any true believers grave. Secondly we don’t pray to the grave as the speaker said in his speech. If you truly were paying attention you would have understood that. I suggest you rewatch the video.

  4. Bassam Dawali Says:

    Salam Momahdi,
    thank you for the clarification.
    I did watch the video again, as you instructed me to.
    I am sorry if I offended you in anyway.


  5. Sannah Says:

    I was wondering if you could write a article about our belifs of intercession,
    I watched a Amar Nikshavini video about it, but it was to complicated,
    So if you have time would you mind writing a article about intercessions
    Thanks alot

  6. isthiswhoithinkitis Says:

    Sallam Bro mark,
    this is ali

  7. MoMahdi Says:

    Salaamu alaykum Sannah. Insha’Allah I will write a article about intercession very soon. I am sorry that it is taking so long for articles but I and Nom de Guerre are stuck at work most of the time. So I apolagize for that.

  8. rukaya Says:

    praying infornt of any grave whether it is of a true believer or whatever it is totally haram in islam. we are not authorised to prostate before none othe than Allah Jala jalalahu

  9. MoMahdi Says:

    I suggest you rewatch the video, thats if you even you did the first time. Praying to a grave and praying infront of a grave are two totally different things. To be honest I don’t even know why I’m even responding to this comment, it really is a waste of time. The video spoke for itself and produced Quranic proof and clear and solid logic. By your logic standing infront of a wall then is haram, because its not to Allah(swt). So where do I sand to face Allah(swt)? Thank you, Salaamu Alaykum

  10. Bilal Khan Says:

    the prayer that he is using to justify praying near graves was salat-e-janaza, no? it was not a regular prayer. no?

    Allah (swt) knows best….

  11. SHOEB HASAN Says:


    Please clarify the birth place of hazrat Ali with authentic proofs.

  12. Jun Kalis Says:


    None will grasp the message except men of understanding.

    I forgot the ayah and surah of this Allah’s words in the holy Quran

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