Whenever we bring forth the discussion of intercession we are called Kafars by our Sunni brothers and sisters. They say that intercession is a form of shirk (giving God a equal) and that no one can intercede for anyone when we are being judged by Allah(swt) on the day of judgement. We humbly disagree. Like […]

Salaamu alaykum. I was going to write a wonderful article about praying in front of a grave. Is it haram or not? But I remembered a video that subhan’Allah explains it so perfect that in my opinion cannot  be duplicated in the power of presentation. Even if I were to copy every word and present it it would still not […]

Many times the Shia are attacked by the Ahlul Sunni wa Jamma  on the way we combine the Duhr prayer with the Asr  and the Mughrib with the Isha. They claim that this is haram and that Salah is intended to be prayed individually. They also claim that this was only done by the Prophet […]