Imam Hussein(as) says “If you do not believe in religion and do not fear the hereafter, then at least be free from Tyranny and Arrogance.”

Imam Hussein(as) says “I swear by God I shall not surrender as a Humiliated person, and shall not escape like a slave.”

Imam Hussein(as) says “I have not arisen for the purpose of exuberance, arrogance, corruption, but I have done so in order to seek reform in the nation of my Grandfather Muhammad(saw). I want to promote virtue and prohibit vice, and I want to follow the path and tradition of my Grandfather Muhammad(saw), and the path of my father Ali ibn Abi Talib(as).

Imam Hussein(as) says “I do not see death except happiness and prosperity, and life with oppressors but anguish.”

Imam Hussein(as) says “By my life, the Imam is none but one who rules by the book and stands up for justice, equity and follows the religion of Allah(swt) and retrains himself for the sake of Allah.”

Imam Hussein(as) says “O Allah! You know that all there was from us was not in competition to seek power, nor to gain refuse of the world, but is was nothing other than to present the signs of and essence of Your religion and to promote reform in Your land so that the oppressed members of your servants find safety, security, Your laws, orders and obligations are accepted.”

Imam Hussein(as) says “I summon you to the book of Allah(swt) and to the way of his Prophet(saw). If you hear what I say and follow me I will lead you to the path of righteousness.”

Imam Hussein(as) says “Oh Allah, I request from you that which you if you give me it matters not what you deny me and if you deny me this request it matters not what you give me and that is to free me from the hell fire.”

Imam Hussein(as) says “Say not about your brother in his absence other than that which you would like him to say about you in your absence.”

Imam Hussein(as) says “O Allah, what did he find he that lost You? And what did he lose he who found You? Truly he has failed who is contented with other the You.”

Imam Hussein(as) says “Oh Allah, I have left the entire world for the sake of You, And I have orphaned my children so that I be with You. So if I am cut into pieces for the love of You, my heart would lean to none other than You.”

Imam Hussein(as) says “O Allah! How can You reasoned about by that which is in need of You in it’s existence? Does anything other than You have a manifestation which You do not have, so that is can act as manifestation for You? When were You ever  not present so that You may ever need a guide (evidence, reason) to lean to You? And when were You ever distant from anything so that the signs and effects were lead to You? Blind is the eye that does not see You!!!

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    Very Beautiful

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    thank you for your contious, I think it is all of us duty to speak a bout him more and more in all over the world.

  3. Hidar Says:

    HUSSEIN (AS) Almathloom, Shaheed al jana (AS)

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    Would you mind if i copy some parts of sentences above? I’m going to manage an instagram account dedicated to announcing imam huusein to people around the world
    But my knowledge in this field and also m English is not well enough to do it the first step i need to copy sush useful essays

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    Salaam, you are more than welcomed to do as u please.

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